How much heating oil was consumed last winter?
      The answer is provided by our KNX fill level meter SK80-F.

      The SK80-F-T-PMO measures and regulates fill levels in heating oil tanks of various designs.
      The measuring system consists of a hydrostatic sensor (including temperature detection)
      and the KNX coupler with an integrated display.

      Max. filling height: 5 m
      Cable length: 10 m (extension possible)

      No KNX available? Our Fill level meters are also available as stand-alone devices (including power supply, for use without KNX).
      To SK80-FN-T-PMO-5 (Stand-Alone)


      Documents and Technical Data

      SK80-F-T-PMO-5 | Hydrostatic (Oil)
      Hydrostatic Fill Level Meter
      Article 30807370

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