All devices of Arcus-EDS GmbH are developed 100% in-house. With this experience, we also provide support to selected customers in realizing their own developments. We are available to assist our customers in all stages of the development process. Each project step is offered and billed separately.


Our Services

  • Hardware development
    • Circuit diagram creation
    • PCB layout Redesigns / Further development of existing projects
    • Enclosure design / 3D modeling
    • Prototype creation and testing
  • Software development
    • Firmware development
    • Bootloader development
    • Embedded Linux
    • Application programs for Linux

Your Product Idea

Development starts with the idea. In the initial steps, the product is defined collaboratively with a focus on feasibility and cost structure. Framework parameters such as production location and supply chain are already taken into account. The established project objectives lead to the first hardware specifications. Component availability and manufacturability become the focus. If not already specified, mechanical requirements must be defined. External service providers may be involved for enclosure design. It is also determined which tests will be conducted to demonstrate full functionality. Lastly, the customer's product philosophy must be captured, which may be reflected in component selection, circuit implementation, mechanics, and software design.


Curcuit Designs

In the next step, initial circuit designs are created using Altium or OrCAD. Our development expertise, encompassing both customer projects and in-house developments, includes the following points:

  • Analog and digital actuation/sensing
  • Evaluation, control/regulation, and interaction via MMI using microcontrollers or microprocessors
  • Implementation of necessary peripherals such as high-speed data buses and memory interfaces
  • Display solutions
  • Power supplies and power sources

PCB Layout

The circuit is transferred to a printed circuit board layout. Altium or PADS are used for this purpose.

  • Impedance-controlled
  • High-current capable
  • Flex or rigid-flex
  • Copper or aluminum core
  • Consultation with the printed circuit board manufacturer regarding cost and manufacturability

The PCBs are ordered and assembled by a service provider.

3D Visualization

In the 3D model, various designs can be planned to adapt the electronics to the mechanical specifications.

For special requirements, we are pleased to collaborate with an external service provider for enclosure design.


Functional testing of prototypes based on the pre-defined tests.

If needed, we provide support for transitioning to a production-ready version in coordination with the manufacturer, involving customer processes. We are available to assist with product documentation and the creation of service documents using our expertise.

Software Modules

We offer various software modules:

  • Firmware Development
    • Hardware initialization
    • Generally written in C
    • With or without RTOS
  • Bootloader Development
    • For Embedded Linux, a bootloader is required for hardware initialization and system startup
    • Provides rudimentary hardware tests
  • Embedded Linux
    • Initial board start
    • Device-Tree definition and programming
    • Kernel customization
    • Driver selection
    • Possibly develop new drivers
  • Application programs for Embedded Linux
    • With or without GUI
    • Python or C/C++


We bring your visions and ideas to life. Please feel free to contact us for a personal conversation.


Contact: Sascha Bergmann


Phone: 0049 (0)30 / 259 339 13