SK08-T8   8 Kanal Temperaturmessung   /   SK08-T8   8 Channel Temperature

SK08-T8 8 Channel Temperature

Monitoring and control of temperatures in heating- / cooling- or informational applications.

The measurement system SK08-T8 registers the temperatures on 8 measuring points, which are measured with a PT1000. As the temperature changes, the measurement sensors change their resistance. The change of resistance will be digitalized and output to a KNX bus. All commercially available temperature sensors can be used, provided that they are PT1000 types.

The device has an integrated KNX bus coupler.

In the application software a separate controller (2-position or PI controller with continuous or pulsed output) is available for every channel. Other functions include maximum and minimum thresholds and a help key where the set point and thresholds can be switched.

The KNX Sensor is set up using the ETS (Tool Software) and the applicable application program. The sensor is delivered unprogrammed.
All functions are programmed and parameterized with ETS.


8x Temperature measurements with the following

- Two position controller with switch or pulse 1-bit output
- PI controller with continuous 8-bit or pulse-width modulated 1-bit
- Adjustable periodic display of control variable (parameterized)
- Adjustable release and lock with all controllers
- Threshold alarm for upper and lower thresholds
- Auxiliary quantity of set value or threshold via the bus
- Calibration of the sensor (offset cancellation)

Article No.: 30801000

Operating Temperature:  -20 .. +80 °C
Measured Temperature Range:  -50 .. +200 °C
Plastic Housing:  115 x 65 x 55 mm

The additional PT1000 Sensors for surface mounting,
screwing in or contacting with customized cable-length
can be ordered.
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